Everything in the Harry Potter Universe that just did not make Sense

So many of us rose up to want to be a component of the world of wizards… but have you ever noticed certain items were just unimportant? Of course, the whole tale is more than functioning — after all, it’s a worldwide occurrence. The devil is in the information and some editors have not been able to assist but mention a few of the information. Do we call these errors of Harry Potter? Some, yes. Some of them. But it’s mainly things within this universe that don’t create any feeling.

Results, we have a few concerns for J.K. Lifelong Potterheads. Rowling.-Rowling. Perhaps some of these have happened for you as well, or perhaps the previous remarks will change your mind completely! Becoming observant Potterheads.

Bienvenue in the universe of wizarding!


At the moment when Hagrid spoke these underground words, “Harry, the wizard,” we were immersed in the fantastic world of the sorcerer. But a few things do not really line up, as can happen in the lore of the fantasy!

Let’s begin at the start: the Sorting Hat.

None of the children realized the sorting hat during Harry’s first year.

Not one of them, literally. Malfoy not even. Ron and his 5 brothers and his parents are not even going before him.

Yet Harry talks openly about the event with his son at the end of the last book.


Oh, Ron.

That. That. Ron’s afraid he had to battle a troll or something but he had a lot of brothers before him, not to mention his relatives. You would believe that the subject of the sorting hat was at least once, but even Molly was obviously like “Nah he figures it out.”



But I never known anything about the Triwizard competition, I realize I’m close to the letter. Two of the three assignments have to be extremely awkward for the viewers.

See these individuals spring into a lake here. Now, wait, wait, wait.

Now, see these individuals vanish into a hacking labyrinth. Now, wait, wait, wait.

Whee. Whee. Whee. To me, it sounds like fun.

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